1. Who is Home Carely?
We clean, responsible and care for homes, specialize in home cleaning because our cleaners are trained. We pride ourselves on our service and its very affordable prices because we know your needs.


2. Why Home Carely is better than foreign maid and freelance cleaners?
Normally foreign maid will be high cost to you and loss of privacy if your purpose is to clean and tidy home; for freelance cleaners, no guarantee on continuity on work and trustworthiness. Our cleaners are trained and we will take remedial action for you information given to us, we also arrange any flexible schedule to suit your need and replacement of cleaner if the existing cleaner absent for work.


3. Can we leave our keys to Home Carely?
Yes, if you are comfortable with our cleaner, we will sign over your keys with a letter, your keys will keep in our company safe‐box with care , the key only be sign by the supervisor when that day of cleaning .To avoid any misunderstanding , we urge all valuables items must secured with safe.


4. Who will be cleaning my Home?
We will arrange a cleaner to your home on regular basis, a replacement will arrange when the cleaner is goes on leave, medical leave or resign.


5. Do you need to provide cleaning equipment?
For hygiene reasons, we advice you to provide your own cleaning tool, if you are unable to provide ,we have cleaning materials and products available for purchase.


6. What happen if there is a damage during cleaning ?
Our cleaners are reminded to exercise additional caution when carrying out house cleaning service, however, should there be any damage during the cleaning the cleaning service by cleaner, we will liable up to maximum of S$100.00 We will not be held liable if it is due to wear and tear.


7. How do we make payment ?
Payment is made at beginning of the package either in cash or cheque. For monthly package, the subsequent payment will be pay end of the month when receive our invoice.


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